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Backlinks are something that is important for the Website. If you are looking for free backlinks. You can go to the bottom of this article. 

OK, back to the topic. I've already bought some backlinks recommended by my friends. Overall backlinks will be important if you use tier 1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 according to your needs. 

And on any niche blog is very important. So that your viewers are relevant to the backlinks you buy. If viewers in 1 relevant backlinks deny content. So the bounce rate will decrease.

 This is useful for those of you who have a certain niche that is good at monetizing with pay per click. I myself am testing a pay oer click that is suitable for my blog. Some people recommend infolinks, adsense, bidvertiser, adstera, ylix, revenuehits, that's probably the list I'm currently using. 

This site itself is an old site that has been optimized then I bought it at a low price and I will soon upgrade it with fresh content so that it is indexed faster by Google. When I bought this site, 

I never checked whether the domain had been penalized by Google or not. Oiy. I am also a freelancer on fiverr. So you can buy GSA backlinks for affiliate business. 

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