If you do a google backlinks check and the results are few?


If you are a webmaster. Checking web traffic and backlinks is a daily activity I also do the same with you. Every day I optimize my website with backlinks. 

Recently I also tried SEO campaigns and Facebook ads, tick tok ads and Instagram ads. I mix everything and the web traffic is so fast. What is the difference between web traffic originating from seo. And web traffic that comes from paid traffic? 

Actually I really like paid traffic as long as the traffic can be converted into sales. The way to play is very easy. And all you have to do is order and get high traffic from Facebook. 

If your business is product sales. Advertising on Facebook ads is very good. If your product cannot be advertised with Facebook ads. Then you can try seo campaigns. 

Some products that cannot be advertised with Facebook ads do have to be advertised with SEO and get keyword rankings for the keywords you have targeted. Shooting keywords on Google search is easy, but sometimes it's difficult if your competitors outperform you because you have a high budget to buy backlinks. Before coming to seo campaign. 

You should learn seo offpage and how it works to get traffic every day. The things bloggers and webmasters have to do that they always do is keep posting and keep sharing useful things. 

Then there will be many loyal readers who enter their website. Promoting useless things will look annoying if the target market is wrong. 

People come to your site and don't find what they're looking for. So that your website ranking will decrease. If you need indexing services contact us. Click on our banner order