Bisakah Anda membeli backlink?


why do you buy backlinks? That may be one of the questions that arise. We are talented when it comes to building backlinks. 

More than 100 companies have built backlinks with us. We focus on helping your web affiliates to generate online traffic. Backlinks will help your web index be faster. But I do not recommend our backlinks to your main site. We usually use tier 1-2-3 backlinks and place links in tier 2 or tier 3. Why? 

Google is very smart and keeps your site from being indexed. BACKLINKS recommended by Google are backlinks from domain transfers. These usually cost around $50-$100. So we focus on building quality backlinks for tier 2 and tier 3 websites. 

So that the Backlink model will shrink to the top and will help your Web to get traffic organically. In tier 1-2-3 usually are backlinks with the same niche. This strategy is used by many people. As long as it's relevant to the niche product. Then google will be fine. 

Currently Google hates backlinks that are not relevant to the product niche. Because it will make it easier for users. From what they are looking for. So let's create engaging content then talk about your content with backlinks that are relevant to your business.

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